RILVAN's Environmental Policy

RILVAN Moving & Relocations are committed to providing a better future not just for its employees but also the Environment in which we all live. At RILVAN we use large numbers of cardboard and paper. All of which has an effect on our environment.

This is why we have started a new initiative to reduce our global footprint by working alongside companies like ECOLLECT. By recycling our paper and cardboard we aim to reduce the waste we create.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Less waste to landfill;
  • Recycling of paper and cardboard;
  • Better education and environmental-friendly standards for our staff to understand the importance of and practice ways of reducing waste.

Rilvan’s attitude doesn’t just stop there. We train our drivers in the best practices too.

  • Defensive driving;
  • Regular vehicle maintenance;
  • Driver training schemes;
  • Maximising vehicle efficiency – Full loads rather than shorter journeys.

These are all aimed at not just making it a safer working environment, but also reducing the harmful effects to the environment, such as gas emissions, energy waste, fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance. By making small steps we hope to achieve large goals.

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